Puppy Preschool Trainer

Margaret is our Puppy Preschool reward-based trainer.

She is passionate about teaching owners how to have a great life with their puppies and helping them through those critical early few weeks together.

She has been involved with the RSPCA for over 12 years and continues to instruct training classes for them, completing one on one consultations. Margaret volunteers with the behaviour team, helping to resolve behavioural issues to help make the dogs more adoptable.

Margaret is a foster carer for the shelter, with mainly puppies, and has cared for up to 17 at the last count! She shares her life with a Border Collie called Ted, and lives in McLaren Vale with her husband Alan. Margaret is always happy to answer your questions.

Margaret has a CTT-A qualification, Canine Training Technician - Accredited, and has completed the Karen Pryor Puppy Instructor Course. She believes in continuing her education with ongoing courses, webinars, and conferences. She’s recently been working on the Karolina Westlund Advanced Animal Training Course.